Medical FAQ’s

How do I obtain a copy of my benefit summary? You can access your benefit information by logging onto your carrier’s website or by contacting Benefit Administrators.

How do I find out if a provider is participating with my health plan? You can access participating providers on to your carrier’s website or by contacting our office.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist? Written referrals are not required to see a specialist.

Will my insurance cover me while I am out of the country? If you require medical attention when you are traveling or living outside the United States, you can contact you’re your carrier. There are programs that enable you to receive medical care and they include medical assistance services and an expanded network of health care providers throughout the world.

How do I determine if a service or procedure is covered under my policy? The best way to confirm coverage of services is by contacting our office; we will assist in confirming covered services and any out of pocket expenses that may be incurred.

How can I access my claims information and how been applied to my deductible or out of pocket amount. You can find this information by registering online with your carrier. It will be necessary for you to establish a user name and password which will allow you to access claim data as well as benefit information.