Vision FAQ’s

How do I obtain my unique identification number? Contact BAI Customer Service at (814) 454-0167 or (800) 777-2425

How do I know who are a participating provider? Access the vision directory on line at or by contacting BAI Customer Service at (814) 454-0167 or (800) 777-2425.

How do I verify my eligibility and benefits? Contact BAI Customer Service Monday thru Friday 8.00 a – 5.00p at (814) 454-0167 or (800) 777-2425.

Am I able to use my benefit with a non participating provider? Yes, your plan will reimburse up to the plans allowance. The non participating provider can balance bill up to their total charge.

How do I get reimbursed for services used with a non participating provider? Obtain an itemized invoice with proof of out of pocket, complete a BAI Vision claim form (found on our web site send to BAI via fax, email or mail to the address provided on claim form.

Do I need a claim form? If you have services rendered with a participating provider, there is no need for a claim form. The participating provider will verify your eligibility, benefits and will submit a claim on your behalf.