Life AD&D

Life and AD&D gives your employees the security of knowing that in the event of their death or disability, their loved ones will be provided for.  HB can help you design a plan that fits your needs with either a flat benefit amount or a multiple of earnings. Premiums can be paid entirely by the employer, by the employee, or by combined cost sharing.  Plans that cover all of your employees, as well as voluntary and/or supplemental plans, are available.  We are with you every step of the way from pricing and application to implementation, enrollment, and assistance with claims.  We will continue to monitor your plan through the years to be sure that your benefits and rates remain competitive in the employee benefits marketplace.



The Employee Life Whole and Term Plans is more than just life insurance at an affordable price. It combines the guaranteed premiums, coverage, and values that have always been so attractive in whole life insurance with the advantages of cash accumulation at current interest rates. Your plan remains in force as long as premiums continue to be paid: and your permanent plan premiums cannot be increased.