Short-term Disability


STD  (sometimes called Weekly Income or Accident & Sickness) is designed to assist your employees by providing a percentage of their income if they are unable to work due to an illness or injury.  Benefits consist of a contracted flat amount or a percentage of weekly income and cover the insured from the 1st day of an accident or the 8th day of an illness for a maximum number of weeks.  Employees can be confident that if they are unable to work, they can still rely on a portion of their income to help ends meet.  Hubbard-Bert, Inc. can help you determine whether a fully insured or self funded plan would be best for your company, and will assist you with all aspects of your plan from pricing and application to plan implementation, enrollment, and assistance with claims.  We continue to monitor your plan benefits and pricing to ensure that you are providing the best benefit and most affordable plan.



The Employee Disability Plan offers Short Term Disability income coverage. A monthly disability benefit will be payable to you in the event of a Total Disability resulting from a covered accident or sickness.